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Free webinar hosted by Kids With Food Allergies on August 20, 2013 featuring guest speakers Dayle Hayes, MS, RD, and Deb Indorato, RD, LDN.  The following is the video recording and a list of resources to help you with nutrition and food safety for students with food allergies.



Find Nutritional Information About Foods:

Food / Nutrition Education Tools:

Find Allergy-Friendly Recipes and Foods:

Reading Labels:

Managing Food Allergies at School:

  • A requirement of the Healthy Hunger-Free Child Act of 2010 will be implemented this fall and it requires all schools to update their Wellness Policy and must include parents on their committee. This is a great opportunity for parents to recommend that schools implement food-free celebrations in classrooms to benefit the health of all children.


The generous support of our donors allows us to reach families who need our help. A webinar attendee recently told us: "The webinar was very well put together and very professional. I appreciate that information such as this is "out there" and given to the public free of charge. It is also nice to know that "allergy parents" are not alone...there are many, many of us out there!" 

You can help ensure our webinar series continues to be accessible to all families free of charge. You enable us to give families the information they need and assure them that they are not alone in their journey. Please give generously!

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