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5/15/13 10:58 PM
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10/28/13 12:27 PM
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12/29/12 9:48 PM
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5/14/13 2:14 PM
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4/16/12 2:21 PM
Blog Entry by Kids With Food Allergies offline
New Food Find for Milk and Soy Allergy:  Daiya has created three new "cheese substitutes" that are sold in block form, so you can slice, cube or grate them. The available flavors are Cheddar, Jack and Jalapeno Garlic Havarti. Daiya wedges...
9/11/12 2:49 PM
Comment by bluebunch offline
I am new to viewing this site, but this might be an answer to prayer!  My three year old is now realizing she does not get the foods her sister and brother receive and this will be great if I can make her a pizza or tortilla with "cheese"....
9/28/12 8:33 AM
Comment by tricia fix offline
I am new to this sight and have a question. My Daughter was diagnosed with a deadly peanut allergy. Infact I almost lost her last year and had to rush her to the Hospital when My nanny gave her peanut butter without my consent. Today My Daughter ate...
9/28/12 8:38 AM
Comment by Lynda offline
Hi Tricia, Welcome.  I can see why you are so concerned. My first thought is to call the company and inquire about their product and manufacturing practices. It could be that the product was made on equipment shared with other products containing...
2/27/13 5:01 PM
Comment by Adrianp offline
Does this taste better than your rice cheese? My 2 year old wouldn't eat that. This cheese uses coconut milk, correct?!
2/28/13 8:36 AM
Comment by cheymom offline
Hi Adrianp!  Welcome to KFA!  The Daiya cheeses do contain coconut.  You can view the ingredients here:   These may not be a choice for your child if you are avoiding...
4/26/12 5:12 PM
Comment by melodiadedios offline
We found shredded Diaya in chedder and LOVE it!  It's not as good if it's not melted, but it tasted great on pizza and macaroni and cheese!   I teared up when my three year old had his first taste of macaroni and "cheese".  It melts great.
4/30/12 11:35 PM
Comment by Amber B. offline
We have used the shredded cheddar and mozarella varieties in a number of recipes, and we love it.  Melts great, smells like dairy cheeses, the melted texture is similar to milk-based cheeses,  The Jalapeno variety was way too spicy for my...
5/7/12 4:45 PM
Comment by LSK offline
We recently found the "cheddar" and "jack" daiya wedges at our local Whole Foods and got some for our dairy-allergic child to try. He LOVED them and was super excited to be able to have "cheese".
5/9/12 3:07 PM
Comment by LSK offline
Tried melting daiya wedge vegan "cheeses" - I put thin slices on bread then toasted in a toaster oven. Looks like it melts well.   Views and reviews expressed by volunteers reflect their personal opinions and not necessarily the views or opinions...
4/17/12 6:34 PM
Comment by TC offline
These sound great - the Jalapeño Garlic sounds perfect for taco's!  Thank you for letting us know about them.
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