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Kids With Food Allergies
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2/5/13 3:33 PM
Blog Entry by Kids With Food Allergies offline
FDA: Foods Must Contain What Label SaysFebruary 4, 2013 As someone who cares about what your family eats, you make it a practice when shopping to read the labels on food packages.  And you have the right to expect that the information on the...
9/13/12 7:00 AM
Blog Entry by Kids With Food Allergies offline
Read Before You Eat! This is a reminder that you must read the entire label before serving a food to your child with food allergies. Foods regulated by the FDA are only required to list top 8 food allergens in plain English somewhere in the...
9/13/12 7:56 AM
Comment by MAM-mom offline
This is a great reminder!  It's easy to forget how confusing labels can be, even now that we have FALCPA which requires clearer food labeling with regard to allergies.  
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