Allergy-Free Dining Restaurants Cater to Diners With Dangerous Food Issues; Flagging Plates as Safe

Wall Street Journal: Allergy-Free Dining


A growing number of restaurants are catering to patrons with food sensitivities. Some restaurants estimate that 20% of their tables have a person with a special dietary need.


Accommodating such diners requires more than just using different ingredients. For some people with food allergies, even trace amounts can trigger a serious reaction. Thus, the real challenge for restaurants comes in guarding against cross-contamination, which can occur when even tiny particles of an allergen remain on utensils, gloves, prep areas or cooking surfaces.


Thank you to KFA member and supporter, Allison Inserro, for recommending Kids With Food Allergies Foundation as a source of information for families to turn to in order to find safe foods and restaurant recommendations.

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