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Updated for 2020! Allergy-Friendly Easter Candy Guide


With the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), Easter will be different this year. It may not be full of the same activities, but you can find ways to celebrate even if you are under a stay-at-home order. And you can still create an Easter basket with allergy-friendly mail-order treats and non-food treats.

Avoiding Food Allergy Reactions

Even though this year may be different, one thing remains the same – read labels every time on any food you give your child. Ingredients can vary for many reasons, especially on different sizes and treats in holiday packaging.

Also remember to wait to try new foods. Save new foods and brands for another time, perhaps after the coronavirus pandemic has passed.

Introducing Our Allergy-Friendly Foods

This year, we have a new way for you to find safe Easter candy. You can search our Allergy-Friendly Foods collection for allergy-friendly candy, as well as other safe foods.

This information is for your convenience. It is not an endorsement or a guarantee of the product's safety. Always read ingredient labels. Contact the manufacturer, if needed, to confirm the safety for your child.

Click the button below to view candy for the category you need, or use the instructions to narrow your search.

Note: The Top 8 Allergen Free and the Peanut & Tree Nut Free searches may include items that contain coconut.

How to search our Allergy-Friendly Foods collection:

  1. Visit our Allergy-Friendly Foods collection.
  2. Click the Search tab.
  3. Enter the fields to narrow down your search. You can select the options you want, such as free from, category, etc.
  4. Click the Search button.

easter-database-search_v2 (1)

All the results will appear on screen. You can see a picture of the product and see information such as:

  • Manufacturer or brand
  • Description
  • Flavors/varieties
  • Ingredients free from
  • Contains
  • Facility information

Remember, some companies we link to may be behind on shipments or closed because of the coronavirus, especially smaller ones.

Other Ways to Buy Allergy-Friendly Candy

In addition to our Allergy-Friendly Foods collection, you can also find many options online at the Natural Candy Store. Their site allows you to filter and shop by allergens too. 

Need help coming up with creative ways to celebrate Easter? Our food allergy community is ready to support you with ideas and encouragement. If you need support, help or just someone to talk to, our online support forums are open 24/7.


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Another nut-free chocolate option is Yowie.  There are little characters or animals inside of a container that is coated in chocolate on the outside.  Your child gets a nut-free chocolate and a toy which also comes with a conservation message (each animal comes with a paper saying what part of the world they come from, whether or not they are endangered, etc)

Daniel, that's a good point about making sure of a company's production methods. Corn can be especially tricky, since some people don't react to some corn derivatives, and others do. 

Thanks for the reminder that we should always call the company and double check!


Thanks for the post! However, Wholesome Sweet candies are NOT corn free! Their ingredients are corn free with a couple exceptions, but all of their candies are poured into molds coated in corn starch.  As the liquid forms an edge, it traps some of the corn starch in the candy. It may not bother some, depending how sensitive you are, but they contain more actual corn than many products with corn derivatives.


Also Amanda's Own does have corn free chocolate, but their other candies listed, including Jelly Beans, Marshmallow Clusters, and Peppermint Bark do contain corn as well.

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