Raise Awareness to Promote an Allergy-Friendly TEALOWEEN


Teal is the color of food allergy awareness and teal pumpkins have become the symbol of food allergy awareness at Halloween. When you see a teal pumpkin, it means non-food treats are available for kids with food allergies or other dietary restrictions.

Kids With Food Allergies has tips to help you have a safer and more inclusive TEALOWEEN.

1. Raise awareness about food allergies and being inclusive.

Change your social media profile picture to show others you support a safer, more inclusive celebration for all children.


Order a TEALOWEEN kit that includes a drawstring bag that can be used for trick-or-treating. Our kit also includes PDF download so you can print your own “Teal Zone” poster, a coloring page, pumpkin carving template and stickers. It also comes with 10 silicone awareness bracelet to wear and share. Your purchase helps us continue our mission to improve the quality of life for those affected by asthma, allergies and food allergies. Order by October 17 to make sure yours arrives in time for Halloween!

2. Show others you have non-food treats available.

Placing a teal pumpkin by your door will let others know you have non-food treats available.


teal-apple-classroomDownload PDF

3. Have non-food treats available.

Use our handy list for fun treat ideas. By offering non-food treats, you will help keep all kids safe and included in Halloween celebrations.


Follow our community’s blog for more ways to #KeepItTeal this TEALOWEEN to keep kids with food allergies safe and included.


Updated September 2018

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This is great.  I get a few hundred kids every Halloween, my neighborhood is a madhouse!  I will definitely be participating in Teal-O-Ween this year. Thanks for these ideas for non-food items to handout and accompanying resources so more kids can feel included in Trick or Treating.  

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