Is Your Child the Face of Food Allergies?


Spread Food Allergy Awareness — Share Your Child's Photo

What does a child with food allergies look like? Can you spot them in a group of  kids on the playground? One in thirteen U.S. children has a food allergy. Look around at any typical classroom. There's an average of two children per classroom who have a food allergy.

You can raise awareness by adding your child's photo to our seventh annual Faces of Food Allergies photo album. If your child is one of the millions of children with a food allergy, upload their picture to our photo-sharing campaign. Their face will become part of our featured slideshow!

You Could Win

We will randomly select a winner each day during Food Allergy Awareness Week (May 8-14, 2016) from all photo entries. Winners will receive a prize package from Enjoy Life Foods® (approximate value: $15 - $50). One grand prize winner will receive a customized non-food gift pack from The Hershey Company (approximate value: $200). Members outside of the United States may share their photos, but we cannot mail prizes outside of the U.S.


How to Enter

It's easy to upload a photo! You will need to join or login to our community to add your photo to Faces of Food Allergies 2016. Click the "Post" button and select "File." On mobile, click the menu (three bars) icon on the top left.

Kids With Food Allergies (KFA), a division of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA), started the Faces of Food Allergies annual photo sharing campaign in 2010 to show children with food allergies that they are not alone. Food allergies are no match for kids enjoying life and staying safe and healthy!


More Ways to Spread Awareness

May is National Allergy and Asthma Awareness Month. Find a local or on-line event or other ways to get involved.

KFA will also be sharing food allergy facts and awareness messages during Food Allergy Awareness Week. Be sure to follow us:

Kids With Food Allergies would like to thank Enjoy Life Foods and The Hershey Company for sponsoring this campaign.


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Congratulations to our grand prize winner Hailey and her mom Elizabeth!

"Enjoy life, always advocate for yourself and spread awareness.  Never be afraid to try new foods and always have your Epi-Pen with you!" - Elizabeth

Congratulations to our sixth winner Jaelen and his mom Emily!

"Our son has multiple, life-threatening food allergies, but he never lets them slow him down.  We are thankful for organizations like KFA that offer support and resources for families like ours." - Emily

Congratulations to our sixth winner Vera and her mom Amy!

"We are so grateful there is an organization that makes our daughter's seemingly isolated food allergy struggle a little more commonplace - where we can find resources and support, and share stories with an exclusive community that understands the daily effort it takes to keep our little ones safe." - Amy

Congratulations to our fifth winner Brendan and his mom Bridget!

"Brendan is becoming his own food allergy advocate. He hopes to help spread food allergy awareness and support other children as he gets older." - Bridget

Congratulations to our third winner Sierra an her mom Heidi!

"My food allergies won't stop my feet from dancing!" - Sierra

"We are very thankful for this website! It has helped A LOT especially when she was diagnosed with food allergies when she was 1! She is the only one in our family that has had food allergies, so it was really a hard at first trying to figure out what foods she could eat! Great community to be a part of!" - Heidi

Congratulations to our second winners Preslie and Cash an their mom Pattie!

"Food Allergies are a big part of our lives.  Instead of them defining us, we use our kid's food allergies as a chance to advocate and educate others." - Pattie

Kathy P posted:

Congratulations to our first winner Samantha an her mom Jamie!

"Having a life-threatening food allergy, we truly appreciate KFA, and everyone who helps make schools and communities safe for kids like Sammy."

Congrats Samantha and Jamie!!

Congratulations to our first winner Samantha an her mom Jamie!

"Having a life-threatening food allergy, we truly appreciate KFA, and everyone who helps make schools and communities safe for kids like Sammy."

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