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New Food Find: MELT Butter Alternative is Free of Dairy, Soy and Peas

It can be hard to find a dairy alternative that is free of dairy, soy and pea protein. MELT® Organic spreads is a #NewFoodFind that meets this need.




MELT does not separate under heat. This means you can use it as a one-to-one replacement for butter in cooking. MELT “sizzles, drizzles, bakes and melts” like butter. But compared to butter, it has half the saturated fat and fewer calories.


Three varieties are available:

  • Rich & Creamy MELT Organic. This is the original “butter” flavor, and it is also vegan.
  • Honey MELT Organic
  • Chocolate MELT Organic


All three varieties contain coconut oil, which the FDA labels as a tree nut. Other than that, they are free of the “top 8” allergens, as well as gluten. MELT is also free of hydrogenated oils, partially hydrogenated oils and artificial ingredients. Plus, MELT is certified USDA organic, Kosher Pareve and non-GMO. 


See the ingredients for each variety or find a store near you that carries MELT.


Potential Cross-Contamination Risk


MELT is made and packaged on a dedicated line free of:

peanuts, tree nuts (other than coconut), dairy, soy, egg, wheat, gluten, fish and shellfish.


This dedicated line is in a co-packing facility that is peanut- and tree nut-free. However, the facility may contain other allergens.



This information is for your convenience. It is not an endorsement or a guarantee of the product's safety. Always read ingredient labels. Contact the manufacturer, if needed, to confirm the safety for your child.
Coconut: Although classified by the FDA as a tree nut, coconut is not a common allergen and is not related to tree nuts. If you have a tree nut allergy, consult your physician to find out if you need to avoid coconut.


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We are sharing this information for your convenience. It is not an endorsement or a guarantee of the product's safety. Always read ingredient labels. Contact the manufacturer, if needed, to confirm the safety for your child.

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FYI, I've seen $2 off coupons floating around online ads...

Son, '04: ana. to dairy; egg (minus baked egg 8/7/17!), peanuts & tree nuts (minus almond), & shellfish (minus shrimp 5/16/16!)... enviro: cat & dog, dust mites, mold; also, penicillin allergy & OAS (oral allergy syndrome) allergic asthma

Daughter, '07: no known allergies; exercise-induced asthma

Son, '10: dust mite & weed allergy; illness-induced asthma

Daughter, '13: no known allergies

Daughter, '18: no known allergies

Hi MischaMarie! Annatto is a food color from a plant, as far as I know and understand. Have you explored the rest of our KFA resources to help you manage food allergies - we have a lot of great info! 

Thanks for the heads up, MischaMarie! Do you manage a soy or legume allergy?


DD - 18 corn and apple, peanut, oat and soy 

Me - Avoiding celery in processed foods after RXN to celery

Learn the basics of food allergy management with KFA's online course - Enroll Today!

The company reached out to me to try it and sent me some free samples (4 container & baking sticks) yesterday.  I'm excited to give it a try over the next few weeks.  I noticed many of my local stores starting to carry it.

Penny, 4/2013, allergic to kiwi, eggs, peanuts, hazelnut, pineapple (numerous environmental allergies) (outgrew allergies to squash & lamb 8/2014; dairy & soy 10/2014)  |  Benji, 7/2017, allergic to eggs (dog allergy)

Did you know that our Safe Eats® recipe collection is the largest, searchable collection of allergy-friendly recipes?

I'll have to look into this! The chocolate one might be a cool find, if it's tasty!

KRIS (USA): Outgrew strawberry. OAS. Soy intolerance

DS2: Carries EpiPen Jr. Allergic to PN, E, TN, M, Dogs, Cats, and Dust Mites. Allergic asthma to dust mites.
Unsuccessful Milk IOFC 3/13/13
DD: Outgrew acute FPIES to oats and eggs. Weaned from Neocate Jr Unflavored and has a normal diet now!

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