PhotoMy First Day of School

1st Day of Preschool!

1st Day of Preschool!
Allergic to milk, eggs and bananas!

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Pebels81---- She does have life threatening allergies to all three. She has been in preschool/MDO program since she was 8 months (and before we had the official diagnosis). We have worked with the preschool director and her teachers in each class using a lot of the helpful information from this website (our director actually now uses a lot of the handouts for training). I've found that if you have a program that listens and works with you, they can keep your child safe. Evie's classroom is "banana-free" and all the parents have been really supportive about it. Please post in the preschool forum as it is such a helpful place

She's a cutie!  Love that little smile!


Pebels81 - how old is your son?  Have you looked at preschools around you to see if there is one that will work with you to keep your son safe?  I found that there aren't that many ice cream and pizza parties during preschool.  Are you more concerned about going to birthday parties of the kids in the class?  I encourage you to post over in our preschoolers forums w/ your concerns - you'll get more input from other members dealing w/ those same issues.

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