Taste Testing
Food allergies don't get this little man down! The best Kitchen-Helper and Taste-Tester I have!

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Hi @Jen! School starts for this little man on Tuesday so I'm absolutely open to ideas! We've been testing out mug-cake recipes as we also have birthdays coming in September. Im thinking of whipping up some gluten-free Rice Krispie-type treats for school! 
Jen posted:

@hgoodreau What goodies have you made lately?  Any treats that you're sending for school lunches?


HGOODREAU, we manage mainly a corn allergy -- she does have an apple allergy, but that's way less intense to manage than corn. Oh, and as for environmental allergies -- most anything with a blade!

K8sMom2002 posted:

Oh, I love this! The joy of licking the beaters! What allergies do you manage?

We manage eggs, milk, peanut, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, all legumes (beans, peas, etc...), wheat, soy, sesame and oats. As well as bunch of environmental ones too. How about you? 

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