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dairy-free baked pasta

dairy-free baked pasta
used Tofutti "ricotta" and Daiya "mozzerella"

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My "recipe" - alter as you'd like to adjust "cheesiness" and seasonings!:


2/3 c Tofutti "ricotta" mixed with 1/3 c Daiya "mozzarella"

seasoned the "cheese" mix with garlic powder, oregano & basil
mixed in ~ 2 c cooked pasta (this was small shells)

spread layer of sauce in the bottom of the pan (a couple of spoonfuls)
scooped in the pasta mixed with the "cheeses"
drizzled a little more sauce on top
sprinkled with more Daiya "mozzerella"

baked until bubbly (I finished with a couple minutes under the broiler)

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