PhotoFaces of Food Allergies 2012

Faces of Food Allergies: Food Allergy Awareness Week May 14-18 2012

Faces of Food Allergies: Food Allergy Awareness Week May 14-18 2012
Share a photo, spread awareness and enter to win fabulous prizes from food allergy-related companies!

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Oh that's great, thanks! Will upload the pic shortly. As I said, the initial reason I made up the pic was to show family & friends that her allergy is real, and that I'm not just being mean or overprotective when I don't allow her to have certain foods. I don't even think my husband believed me until he witnessed it for himself. Also, when I was new to the allergy game (still relatively new as my daughter is only 2 and a bit), I searched everywhere for images of allergic reactions (though I know symptoms are not always visual) as I wasn't sure what I was seeing - was a nurse for years and yet I'd never seen a hive!

Anyway, thank you again, Jen

Jen - I am thinking maybe I'll start a photo album (clip gallery) for allergic reactions in case other parents want to post pictures there as well. Thank you for participating in our photo sharing campaign!

Thanks, I'll do that. Regarding the collage, it's just one photo, with about 6 photos edited onto it, along with captions saying what's happening in each shot, so where/how can I upload that one? Thanks again, Jen

Is it a series of photos?  We could create an album for you (called a clip set) where you could upload it if you'd like to do that. For this FAAW event, I'd suggest you post something to show your daughter is able to enjoy life regardless of her food allergies!

I made a daughter showing my daughter before, during, and after a reaction to share with family & friends on FB (to help them 'get it'). Would it be appropriate to upload it here, or is this mainly for pictures focusing on children when they are well 

PS. It wasn't a veryserious reaction, but provides a good visual of a reaction 

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