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Food Allergies and Eczema

Food Allergies and Eczema

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My son had bad eczema from 3 months to 3 yrs old. It was so bad he looked like he was burnt in a fire until we saw the best dermatologist in the city. She put us on a regimen and eliminated all his allergens and he is perfect now! I actually had him wrapped up for 2 years so he wouldn’t itch and scratch cause he use to become a bloody mess. 

Ohhh yeah! Pollen is bad right now. The best thing to do is take a shower and wash your clothes right away. Pollen sticks to it! Yuck! 

I'll be praying for your daughter with those darn spring allergies! Stay healthy! ♡

Hmmm. Related to the photo? 

I think it's important to note that: 

-Eczema is easily managed by dietary changes. Before slapping some cream on it, caretakers need a broader view. Treat the cause, not the symptoms.

-Eczema looks painful, but fortunately, it's not. The worst thing you can do for it is touch/itch it. 

-Eczema is nothing to be ashamed of. It's a sign that change needs to be made. I'm grateful for that signal.

Yikes! That looks painful! I know you've had lots of great comments about ideas for change ... 

We will be using these photos to create a picture report with ideas to help improve the lives of these Faces of Food Allergies. Do you have an idea for change to add to your photo?

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