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Kids With Food Allergies Foundation GUIDELINES FOR MODERATION

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Our forums are moderated by volunteers who fill the role of Community Leaders and Community Hosts. Community Leaders and Hosts work as a team under the leadership of the Community Manager, who is a part-time employee of Kids With Food Allergies.

Community Leaders are parent volunteers who have children with food allergies. Community Leaders guide members in use of technical features, in following forum guidelines, in joining and leaving our community, and other administrative duties. Community Leaders assist Community Hosts.

Community Hosts are parent volunteers who welcome members to the forums, guide discussions and assist members with use of basic features of our message boards and website.

Our Welcome Committee is a team of parents who welcome members and assist members with use of basic features of our message boards and website.

Our entire Volunteer Team are parents sharing their knowledge and experiences in raising their own food-allergic children. They are not bringing any specific knowledge/expertise to their positions other than what they've learned over the years of dealing with food allergies themselves.

The Community Manager manages the forum overall and coordinates the efforts of the Community Leaders and Hosts.

Acceptable Behavior for Message Boards, Private Messaging, Chats, SendCards and Other Interactive Features on Our Website

Kids With Food Allergies Foundation expects our members and site visitors to abide by common standards of decency and courtesy. Kids With Food Allergies Foundation reserves the right to remove any posted item it deems objectionable, offensive or inappropriate or not in the best interests of the organization. Members or visitors who abuse any interactive features, including the message boards, private messaging or chat areas will be banned from future participation on the site.

The role of the Community Leaders and Hosts is not to make sure that each post from a member is accurate. Community Leaders, Hosts and any other member of the staff of KFA are not responsible for the content or accuracy, or appropriateness of anyone posting on the forums except for themselves. Each member is responsible for anything that member posts on the forums. Having said that, Community Leaders and Hosts will make every attempt to respond to posts they see that may need to be clarified or corrected, but there is no guarantee that 100% of what is posted here will be reviewed for accuracy.

In accordance with our Terms of Service (TOS), our Community Leaders may delete messages posted in violation of our TOS. Our Community Leaders may edit a post to remove copyrighted content or to remove personal information like an address or phone number. If there is a need to edit a post, the reason for the editing will be noted at the bottom of the message along with the name and date of who edited the post. Generally speaking, editing and deleting of posts are a rare event. The poster is notified when a message is deleted and the reason.

Our TOS establish some policies on expected behavior for our members, but the Community Leaders and Hosts are not responsible for the actions or conduct of others on the list if a member fails to comply. The only thing our leaders and hosts can do is to request that a member comply with the TOS and delete a message if it violates the TOS. In the event of an egregious violation the forum administrator may choose to take additional action up to and including banning that person if we feel the situation warrants that action.

Notice: "Harvesting" email addresses from our Web sites or Web services and any transfer of email addresses for the purpose of sending email is prohibited.

Complaints or suspected violations regarding message board or chat postings may be reported by using the "Alert an Administrator" feature of the message boards and chat rooms.


The information appearing on this Kids With Food Allergies Foundation website ( and the Kids With Food Allergies Family Support Community is presented for your support and general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute medical advice or treatment or to replace the relationship that exists between an individual and your physician. You should not rely on any information in web pages, messages, or articles on this website to replace consultations with a qualified health care provider to meet your child's individual health, diet and nutritional needs. Always verify any food products by contacting each manufacturer to make sure that any foods are safe for your child's unique allergy issues. Do not disregard medical advice you have received, or start, stop, change or delay in seeking medical care because of something you have read on the Kids With Food Allergies, Inc. website or on our Kids With Food Allergies Support Forums or Chat Rooms. Statements and opinions expressed in our message boards, chat rooms, newsletter, and private messages should be viewed and used cautiously, and should be considered as an opinion of those individuals, and not the views, ideas, opinions, or advice of Kids With Food Allergies Foundation.


Participants in our online support forums are encouraged to provide links, citations or other references to support any health information shared. Participants are also free to share their personal experiences.


Contributors of content, including message board postings or material submitted by our visitors and registered members, grant Kids With Food Allergies Foundation. limited-use license to use all or part of their contribution(s) in the organization's published materials. Kids With Food Allergies Foundation. retains the right to edit or comment editorially on any submissions. Any materials submitted are not considered to be confidential or privileged.

Members have a 15-minute window to edit posts. Members do not have permission to delete their own posts; however in exceptional circumstances, posts can be deleted at the request of a member by the community manager.

Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more details.


Members are not permitted to post advertisements in the form of content, banner or links.

Members are required to disclose any financial interests and commercial funding or affiliations related to the subject of any posts made on the message boards or chat rooms if one exists.

These forum guidelines include excerpts of our complete terms of service.

Last updated: 3/24/2012

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