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Maybe you could try a group cooking day and volunteer to bring in what your son can eat/use and teach them that way.  I know how frustrating it is that people just don't get it.  One day he too will hate that every work lunch will be a salad because no one knows what else to offer, haha.  But for now, he has a strong mama looking out for him.  It means a lot that you care so much. 

Hugs on the frustration of unsafe snacks! That's a frustration that many parents share with you -- we've had some great tips and tricks posted in our Babies Toddlers and Preschoolers forum and our School Age Kids, Tweens and Teens forum about how to handle athletic events and snacks.


DD - 18 corn and apple, peanut, oat and soy 

Me - Avoiding celery in processed foods after RXN to celery

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