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Thank you for sharing your princess' joy of being able to safely experience all the wonder, including eats at Disney!  It must have been an incredible set of memories.   If you ate anywhere in the park(s), please share whatever you can about how your family approached.

We are hoping to snap a few prince pics during a disney dream in Feb. at Walt Disney World.

 I was hoping to find a few folks who've recently had a Disney post; thus, thanks for starting a 2019 on set of dreaming for any Kings, Queens, Princes or Princesses heading to the parks.

I'm sharing 3 links for others who type Disney into our community's search.

Best list for eating at Disneyworld that I could find:

Facebook Group that has a huge volume of contributors:

Travel Agent who can help navigate Allergy Management travel (think she started the FB group above):

This site led me to the others & has some good tips:

Enjoy!  Thanks, Neema, to you and the Princess for helping get this thread some traction!


Mom of an elementary grade son with multiple food allergies: Mustard, Soy, Shellfish, Tree Nuts, Peanuts, Lentils, Kiwi, Amaranth, Pineapples, Apples

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