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I think he’s excited about school because he has fun and he feels safe there. Our elementary school has been great in accommodating our requests regarding his allergy needs. These were the changes we made: 

1) Since the nurse’s office was far from his 1st grade classroom, we asked that his Epipen/Benadryl be kept in the classroom. It’s now stored in a ziplock bag by the classroom door, hanging within adult only reach and easy to spot and grab. 

2) They don’t have separate allergy tables but he is allowed to sit where he feels safe. For instance, if someone nearby is eating a peanut butter sandwich, he can move himself and sit wherever and with whomever he feels comfortable sitting next to. 

3) He has his own set of crayons/pencils/etc for his own use only whereas the rest of his class usually has shared or “community” school supplies.

4) His teacher calls me for every treat or food related activity before he tries them. They need my approval first. 

5)He has a treat box that’s kept in the classroom and he is welcome to pick something from there if he can’t have what the class is having. 

6) He can leave the class whenever he wants to wash his hands if he feels they need to be washed. 



Oh, my goodness ... what a great smile! Looks like he's confident about heading off to school! 

What sort of accommodations have you worked out with your school? I know many of our parents would love to hear new tips and suggestions. When you get a chance, how about starting a new topic on our forum for parents of school-age kids, tweens and teens?

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