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Aaron is allergic to peanuts, peas, lentils fish & shellfish but can it canned Tuna. According to all his recent tests show he is allergic to a lot of stuff. Almonds are high but no symptoms. So he went on to try Nutella It's really  frustrating for him and he don't believe his results and feels he's missing out. I had suspicions of his food allergies early on. When I nursed him he would break out if I ate Twizzlers or peanut butter. I stopped cleared up. I quit nursing him at 6months and he had problems with constant runs. Was sent to have him tested for Celiac Disease. Everything tested good. Was recommended to give him Goats Milk or Rice milk. At age 3 he had cracker jacks complained his head hurt and 2 hours later projectile vomiting then later that day his face swelled up and eye's swelled closed and broke out in hives. Scared me to death! We went the next day to an allergy doctor and he was allergic to so many things and I told the doctor I guess he will be grazing with cattle and she said no he's allergic to grass to For years I have spent countless hours in the grocery stores reading ingredients. With 2 older children in the household I would take a black Sharpie to every item in the house and put a  or  on everything and that helped make things easy big time. All theses years we have been so careful that we have never had to use our EPI Pen. Thank God! It's scary for him eating out and at peoples homes. He lets them know and speaks up. We have been on Carnival Cruise ships a couple of times and we let them know and they are great with recommendation's and were aware. I am thankful for this site. The more people I talk to the more people I find out have some kind of food allergy. My husbands cousins & kids are the only one's in our family that has severe food allergies and Aaron.


Kids With Food Allergies
A Division of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America
1235 South Clark Street Suite 305, Arlington, VA 22202
Phone: 1-800-7-ASTHMA (1.800.727.8462)
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