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Concern mother 24/7 

My 21 month old daughter has a peanut allergy and excema problems and now a new issue is her constipated bowels to few times vomiting been going on for a month and the doctors say it's normal, but as a mother I say no. Could there be a chance she is having a reaction to soy, milk,? My baby keeps developing one issue after another! She has had no appitte the last few days as well. I have researched and googled looking for answers. I lost my job over my daughter allergy 7 months ago I was a surgical tech loved my job and now I'm just trying to be a medical detective to give  my daughter the life she deserves? So please if anyone has some answers or solution to free my mind of the world outside my home is dangerous please fill me end! 

With epipens being so exspinsive is there away to save? I have no insurance for my daughter? 

My EpiPen is almost exspried do the pharmacy trade out or the company for a new one? 


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