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The current thinking is that avoiding foods completely may cause further sensitization and stronger allergic reactions.  Test numbers are only a part of the diagnostic process.


From Food Allergy Tests: What Does It Mean:


if your child can eat a food without developing any symptoms, then they are unlikely to be allergic to that food. Why is that? Because the best test is actual ingestion of the food.

I have not found that form but I will do that now.  Thank you for the info.  The highest allergy is the egg, peanut, garlic then next in line is the potato, soy bean,  and tree nuts.  All the rest are a lower allergy but the dr said only have about 4 servings a week of those. (Wheat, gluten, barley, corn).  Since there not good for any of us.  The weird thing is he doest have a reaction to the lower ones when he eats them but I guess they can build up over time and then cause a reaction? Have you heard of that? I always thought if your allergic to a food, you would have an instant reaction.  So I give him a small portion of those few per week.  Thank you so much for your food form suggestion.  I am loving this site
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