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Estelle is allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, dairy and eggs. She can tolerate baked eggs and baked goods with milk, but cannot eat them as individual foods.


We first learned that Estelle had food allergies at 8 months old while introducing her to yogurt melts. Her eyelids and the area around her nose swelled up immensely, and she got hives on her cheeks. She was diagnosed with several food allergies at the age of 14 months -- when we could finally see the allergist.


At the age of 2, she had an accidental exposure to peanuts that required me to give her an Epi-Pen injection. We went to the hospital and stayed for 6 hours to be monitored. We went home with medicines to avoid a secondary reaction. She made an excellent recovery.


Estelle is also pre-asthmatic and uses inhalers and nebulizers to control her flare ups, especially during the cold/sick season. She's been hospitalized 4 times for croup that could not be controlled at home.


Estelle is almost 4 and is very aware of her allergies. She always asks if the food she is about to eat has nuts in it. She also knows what the foods she cannot have look like.


Mommy always has 2 Epi-Pens with her at all times. Mommy is Estelle's biggest protector and teacher of Food Allergy Awareness.

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