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So sorry that you're having the error messages pop up!   Thanks so much for sharing the error codes and the log in information.  I'll flag it to ensure that admin sees them. I think they have identified the issue(s), but they need to perform an update before it can be fixed, and that may not be until after the parade, unfortunately.    Glad you were able to see the views/comment(s).  Again, so sorry for any inconvenience, and thanks so much for sharing the picture of your little firefighter with us!!  He sounds like a very sweet young man. 

FYI: When I log out... I can then view my own photos and even the comment on the one of them that has a comment. I can see that others are viewing them as well... almost 100 views. Both photos show up for me when not logged in. I am logged in with Facebook. When I logged back in, all the sudden my photos are not viewable and the error message comes up. Maybe this error has something to do with the logins done with Facebook? Hope this info. helps!

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I've uploaded my son's photo twice. Both are showing in the pic preview on your page, but when you click it, they come up with errors. The reference ID changes each time, but the rest stays the same... for both pictures. I hope they can fix it before the contest ends! I even had one comment from a community leader, but when I went to view it and reply, the error came up.



Error: Error

The page you requested is not available. Reference ID: 9877544591239271[912981541][-1782507555]TUR-161APPRENTICE.r16255.b164-db060.ps001


Error: Error

The page you requested is not available. Reference ID: 9877544591239404[912981541][-1782507555]TUR-161APPRENTICE.r16255.b164-db060.ps001


Error: Error

The page you requested is not available. Reference ID: 9877544591239774[912981541][-1782507555]TUR-161APPRENTICE.r16255.b164-db060.ps001

Thank you everyone for your participation thus far!  We love seeing all the cute photos of our children.


The error that is preventing some people from seeing their own photo will be fixed soon, but it may not be fixed before this event is over.  If you have a question about whether or not your photo has successfully added, feel free to post here or to contact us. 

Hi MyBabyGirlsVoice,

Thank you for trying to participate.  When you click UPLOAD CLIPS, does this pop up?




Sometimes it takes a few seconds to load, but when it is ready, the green plus with the text Upload File(s) will appear.  You click on that link to open up your computer's file systems and select your image.


Let me know if that answers your question or if you are having a different problem with the upload.



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  • If you are visiting us via your computer, just login (or register if you haven't yet), and once you are logged in, there is a button at the top right of this page that says, "UPLOAD CLIP".
  • If you are visiting our site via an iOS device (iPhone or iPad), you will need to download the KFA app first  then follow these instructions: Using our iOS app, you click CLIPS. Then select the Clip Set (Halloween Costume Parade 2012). At the top right is a + sign. Click that to add your photo. At that point, you can either take a photo or Browse your photos. I clicked Browse. It opened up my camera roll and then I selected the photo I wanted to add. Now for those using mobile access (e.g. using your phone's browser), you will need to log in first before you can add a clip.


Members will be adding their photos daily, and it is nice for kids to see the photos of other children with food allergies.  To view the Halloween costume "parade", just open up the collection by visiting the Halloween Costume Parade 2012 clip set.



We will randomly select a daily winner from October 29 - November 2.  Winners must have registered with a valid email in order to receive our notification.  Prizes are sponsored by Applegate.

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