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Have you taken a look through all our recipes?  You can search by what you need to avoid.  If there is a recipe you are interested if that does include an ingredient that is an issue, often there are already substitutions suggested.  But if not, you can comment on the recipe to ask how to adapt.  And I'm sure the kitchen goddesses over in our Food & Cooking forum can help brainstorm new ideas for you!

Originally Posted by Kathy P:

Rockin' those shades!  Nice!  Welcome to KFA - how can we help?

We've had several years to deal with this, but I sure wish I could get some new recipes that do not include:  Pork, beef, fish, shellfish, lamb, wheat/gluten, all tree nuts, peanuts, coconut, dairy, soy, all legumes, gelatin, sesame, or mustard!  

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