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it's definitely changed quite a bit since he was first diagnosed at a year old. it was beyond overwhelming. I even considered keeping him out of sports after he played baseball when he was 5 y/o because his environmental allergies were so bad and he'd only been on allergy shots for a year, and there seemed to be peanuts either sold at every sport event or nuts were one of the snacks parents were bringing for the kids on the team to practice and games.

But then he discovered his love for hockey and I was so worried because i's such a rough sport and his body doesn't get all the nutrients he needs and what if he breaks a bone, etc... and then after trying to talk him out of it for 2 years he told me why he wanted to play hockey …. because he can breathe sooo much easier on the rink with the cold air. so I decided to let him pursue his passion. I just love that he gets to feel like a regular kid when he's on the ice. he's not being excluded or feeling left out .. he's one of them.

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