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Thank you! 

I took this photo as she was about to go to her first friend birthday party.  She had only ever been to family / cousin parties when she was much younger.  

I had her wear a sicker (you can see on her right should area,) about not feeding her because she has food allergies and also had her medical bracelet on.  While I'm with her at all times at the party and she knows not to accept food from others I wanted to be sure just in case.

We always pack safe food and safe cupcakes for parties, and I usually top her cupcakes with layers of fun icing and the other kids want her cupcake vs. the party-provided cake!

We have since been to five other friend parties and thankfully they have all gone so well 

Penny, 4/2013, allergic to kiwi, eggs, peanuts, hazelnut, pineapple (numerous environmental allergies) (outgrew allergies to squash & lamb 8/2014; dairy & soy 10/2014)  |  Benji, 7/2017, allergic to eggs (dog allergy)

Did you know that our Safe Eatsยฎ recipe collection is the largest, searchable collection of allergy-friendly recipes?



Son, '04: ana. to dairy; egg (minus baked egg 8/7/17!), peanuts & tree nuts (minus almond), & shellfish (minus shrimp 5/16/16!)... enviro: cat & dog, dust mites, mold; also, penicillin allergy & OAS (oral allergy syndrome) allergic asthma

Daughter, '07: no known allergies; exercise-induced asthma

Son, '10: dust mite & weed allergy; illness-induced asthma

Daughter, '13: no known allergies

Daughter, '18: no known allergies

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