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Thank you! My oldest son is 2.5 and has had a dairy allergy since birth. We just thought he couldn't handle the formula as a baby so we switched him to soy. When it was time to introduce foods when he was older I didn't think anything of it and offered him a Gerber Mac and cheese meal. Full blown allergic reaction and he ended up it the hospital. Very scary! So now we stay away from all dairy products. My youngest son is 7.5 months and has no allergies so far Thank God!

I'm very thankful for running across this Facebook page and I can't wait to get familiar with the community and make friends with others who understands the daily struggles. 

Adorable superheros!  How old are they and what food allergies do you manage?

Welcome to KFA, Kass.

Karli, 6/10/02, allergic to pn (passed tn challenge 1/14), allergic to penicillins and Omnicef, allergic to cats and dogs, sa's, eczema Shelby, 5/2/04, allergic to Omnicef, sa's, cats, eczema Maggie, 9/21/06, allergic to Omnicef, sa's, eczema Casey, 2/14/11, eczema



Kids With Food Allergies
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Phone: 1-800-7-ASTHMA (1.800.727.8462)
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