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What a marvelous attitude you have! It's definitely an inspiration to me. We have a great forum for folks like you who are managing gastrointestinal disorders, and I'll bet that you might get some ideas for a little variety using your 8 safe foods in our Food and Cooking forum. And I know you'd be great at giving us ideas as well on the forums. Together, we can come up with lots of great ideas that we might not have thought of separately.

What will you do without the formula now that it will no longer be made?

K8sMom2002 posted:

What a cutie! What food allergies do you manage?

Thank you! He really is a sweet child. He is allergic to dairy, soy, rice, potatoes, legumes, onions, oranges, sea food, Chicken, pork, , egg, beans , corn, peas , orange , banana , pork, turkey , spinach , wheat , peanuts , lentils , fish and beef.

A lot of proteins! and now it seems that he is also allergic to onions and celery. This week the doctor give us the results of the biopsy taken during colonoscopy and endoscopy , and told us that he has esophagitis , gastritis , duodenitis , proctitis and chronic eosinophilic colitis.

He just tolerated Humana Sineall formula not even Neocate, but since last year the laboratory doesn't produce it anymore.

Despite all he is really happy and we try to stay positive and focus on the 8 things that he can eat!

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