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Yes, it's been quite the adjustment, still learning as we go.  Matthew kept having rashes on his behind and face that we couldn't clear up, they suggested more food testing.  Those all came up positive, once we stopped giving him those foods, he stopped having the rashes.  Corn has been the toughest to avoid, corn starch or syrup is in a lot of things.  I'm always looking for new recipes.

Thank you!  He's allergic to: peanuts, tree nuts, corn, soy, wheat, rye, oranges, grapes, onions and tomatoes.  The nuts we found out when he was 3, everything else we just found out this past December.  It's been a really hard adjustment for all, but throughout it Matthew has been so great and he is always smiling!  He had 2 Easter egg hunts and was thrilled to find stickers and small toys in his Easter eggs.  We are very lucky we have a very supportive family.

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