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What a strong little guy! I'm with you! My son, now about to turn 11 has several food allergies since birth. He's allergic to milk all dairy has FPIES with soy, wheat , eggs, peanuts, peas, sesame, beef and mustard. Only outgrew oats when he was 3. Let me tell you, hang in there. He eats more then kids who aren't allergic and is more healthier then other kids his age. He is also asthmatic, seems to be outgrowing it. Believe me you can find anything these days to cook for your allergic child. It's just very costly unfortunately.

Carmen will be 3 in dec.we got him tested at 11 months old(though we were told there is no way he would test positive) well 4 food allergies and a + for cat and dog allergies later,he was.....then 1 month later,at 12 months he had a severe asthma attack due to bronchiolitis,and was intubated for 5 days.hes such a fighter,he's my heroοΏ½οΏ½ But we have been at a loss with foods to give him.its been so hard,he has terrible reactions if he comes in contact with an allergen...this website is truly a miracle for our family!!It feels so wonderful to see other people's story and the support everyone gives to one another... is a light at the end of the tunnel  for us!

We thank you all!!!

Kids With Food Allergies
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