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I am happy to hear you shared this video!  This video was created with the intention to spread awareness!

Mom, Megan, allergic to Penicillin & Zofran NKFA, mild SA

Dh, Peter,,NKFA mild SA, chronic migraines.

Abby(9), 11.2005 NKFA, SA, eczema, functional abdominal pain/GERD

Lexi(6)11.2008 EoE, reflux, gastroparesis, eczema and idiopathic anaphylaxis. EleCare Unflavored via g-tube.

Judah(3.5)05.2011, allergies: amoxicillin & shrimp, eczema, No EoE!!!

 New to Food Allergies? Check out KFA's Starter Guide from Confusion to Confidence

The stars next to my name mean I donate to support KFA’s work to keep children with food allergies safe and healthy.  Help KFA do more for families and their children by donating too!

wow. wow. wow. this is the cutest little girl ever. floored by her smiles and joy in spite of all the pain.  


way to go mama and daddy too.  what a journey this has been for you both.


please keep us updated.


i shared the video on my facebook page; i really hope that is okay. please let me know asap if not. i figured it was since there was a "F" icon i clicked on. 


i try to be intentional in education/awareness with stuff like this.

Ashley, mom to: Samuel (10/8/07)--allergic to egg, milk, nuts, peas, sesame, soy, eczema, outgrew reflux. Severe EA. asthma.

Eli (9/9/09)--outgrew non-IgE allergy to milk. Outgrew reflux

Welcome to KFA, Rachael!  Glad you found us.


Have you checked out our forum for EE?  Lots more information and amazing support is available there and we'd love to have you join us.


ETA: Ha!  Jessica beat me to the link by a hair.  Didn't mean to double up on you.  Hope you'll pop in for a visit.


Kathryn (USA)

Managing TN allergy, asthma, MSG allergy, medication allergies, ADHD, anxiety, and multiple rare diagnoses for our family.

Confused about allergy testing?  Great info RIGHT HERE!

I donate to support KFAโ€™s work to keep children with food allergies safe and healthy.  Help KFA do more for families and their children by donating too!

Rachael J!  Have you had a chance to check out our Eosinophilic Disorders Forum yet?  There are lots and lots of folks there who walk in your shoes.

Jessica~ana lidocaine, allergic to sulfa, latex, all other -caines Mom to Isaac outgrew~ana milk; dodging cow dander, red dye #40, managing asthma, high-functioning autism, and ADHD-Impulsivity, General Anxiety Disorder.  Outgrew: mild fresh strawberry reactions (April '12), milk (Jan '14),

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