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Hi Jen !

We manage life threatening food allergies to peanuts, tree nuts and eggs for Rossi. We also manage soy, fish, shellfish, bean and pea food allergies. 

Rossi also has a combination of environmental allergies which consist but not limited to grasses, molds, trees, dog, feather and cat.

Asthma plays a medical role in the care for Rossi in addition to a Primary Immune Deficiency Disease called Hypogammaglobulinemia.  Rossi receives weekly Immunoglobulin Replacement Therapy as an aid in the treatment of the immune deficiency disease.

Rossi, along with our family, take great pride in advocating to help other families understand and learn about these very important issues.  We are over-joyed to be able to share Rossi's picture with you...The Faces of Food Allergies 2016!

Thank You for reaching out to Rossi and our family.

Shawn Marie Nicely

Thanks for posting!  As Jen mentioned be sure to stop by the forums, welcome!

Penny, 4/2013, allergic to kiwi, eggs, peanuts, hazelnut, pineapple (numerous environmental allergies) (outgrew allergies to squash & lamb 8/2014; dairy & soy 10/2014)  |  Benji, 7/2017, allergic to eggs (dog allergy)

Did you know that our Safe Eatsยฎ recipe collection is the largest, searchable collection of allergy-friendly recipes?

Stop by our forums and introduce yourself.  You may find our asthma and eczema support forum and our main forum helpful.

Karli, 6/10/02, allergic to pn (passed tn challenge 1/14), allergic to penicillins and Omnicef, allergic to cats and dogs, sa's, eczema Shelby, 5/2/04, allergic to Omnicef, sa's, cats, eczema Maggie, 9/21/06, allergic to Omnicef, sa's, eczema Casey, 2/14/11, eczema



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