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her daughter has many food issues and her only safe foods were sugar, strawberries and pork-

  DD had just turned 7 when we started to trial sorghum, and she desperately wanted a cupcake to take to a birthday party.


They are loosely based on Wacky Cake. (My revisions in blue)


 1 1/2  cup  flour   sorghum flour
1  cup  sugar
1  tsp  baking soda
1/2  tsp  salt
1  Tbsp  vinegar   sugarcane vinegar
5  Tbsp  oil          melted lard
1  tsp  vanilla     homemade strawberry extract (strawberries steeped in white rum, or can use plain rum)
1  cup  water    1/2 c. room temp strawberry puree + 1 packet gelatin, plus 1/2 cup other liquid - either more puree brought to a boil or boiling water to dissolve gelatin.


You do need to let them cool before handling -- they are VERY tender when hot and you need to let the gelatin -- gel LOL -- to keep structure. 

Meg in South Jersey, USA

     Airborne ANA Sf, F

Neal (DH) adult dx EoE, Celiac Disease Pcn
Luke 8/1998 EoE, Ulcerative Colitis, Pn, SA; Asthma; ADHD, ASD, Epilepsy
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Celia 6/2004 Neocate Jr via g-tube, ANA: eggs, Fentanyl, erythromycin; MFA/EGE; GERD, DGE, FTT; asthma; ADHD, ODD
Jude 8/2007 FA: D/S; GERD; FTT/dev delay/ASD, ADHD, ODD, phonologic/expressive speech disorders
Damien 7/2010 Neocate Jr via g-tube, GERD
, EGE; 

Meg can post more detail but her daughter has many food issues and her only safe foods were sugar, strawberries and pork--but in case you were worried about nutrition, her daughter is tube-fed formula.  If I recall correctly they were doing these cupcakes to trial sorghum to see if her daughter could eat it safely.


Odd, I know, but it's AMAZING the things Meg has done with three foods.



Laura (Northern NJ, USA)
Me eczema, MTHFR ... DH Capable of managing two little girls in a single bound ... Margaret Ann (Oct 2004) Neocate graduate, passed egg, avoiding giraffes, NKA now ... Charlotte Ruth (April 2008) outgrew egg, dairy, soy, NKA now ... My journey blog

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