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Yay for supportive friends and family.  Sounds like he's doing really well, too. 

Karli, 6/10/02, allergic to pn (passed tn challenge 1/14), allergic to penicillins and Omnicef, allergic to cats and dogs, sa's, eczema Shelby, 5/2/04, allergic to Omnicef, sa's, cats, eczema Maggie, 9/21/06, allergic to Omnicef, sa's, eczema Casey, 2/14/11, eczema



Tyler is anaphylactic to eggs, peanuts, and tree nuts. He also has FPIES and can't have any soy, wheat, barley or rye!! Thrilled to have outgrown dairy, corn, oat, carrot, sweet potato and elderberry!! Had his first real ice cream at 5 1/2 yrs old! He's known his allergies since he was a very young toddler and won't accept food from anyone without checking first!! I'm so proud of him!!! Hoping to outgrow more and more!! 

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