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Re: free2b Sun Cups Minis in Dark Chocolate or Rice Chocolate

sdall1 ·
We’ve been purchasing this and other free2be foods since 2018 when the company first hit the market! We love them all. I’ve purchased these several time and since my son is away at college, it’s a perfect treat to put in his care packages and “just because” surprise packages. We love them — even for those of us in our family that are not food allergic!!!

Re: Nature's Charm Coconut Whipping Cream

Olaf ·
Hello DearsMany thanks!! it will be a good product but not for my son who is allergic to coconut too. After my experience with fooď allergies and taking care of my son I discovered that many kids who are allergic to tree nuts have the risk to be allergic to coconut too knowing that coconut do not bellow to tree nut but to palm, the same as kids who are alergic to dairy have the risk to be alergic to soya milk too. I liked to share my opinion for new parents who suffer from food allergies.
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Libre Naturals Vanilla Caramel Granola (Sponsored)

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