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Allergy-Friendly Food

Miracle Noodle Kitchen Vegan Pho

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Re: Better Bites Top 8 Allergy-Friendly Dessert Bites

jj2 ·
We have tried the chocolate covered cookie dough that Better Bites makes and it tastes just like cookie dough! It is cookie dough with choc. chips in it and covered with chocolate.Very Yummy! Pricey but a nice treat that is yummy and allergen friendly (check label for ingredients, allergens and if safe you you). I haven't seen the birthday do bites ones yet. They do make a brownie with choc. chips on top and a brownie bite covered with chocolate which are decadently delicious too!

Re: Trader Joe's Sunflower Seed Butter Cups

Momofthree ·
Paula, if there was any dairy in them, they would have to label it. You can always call the manufacturer and talk with them.
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