Flying with Food Allergies (Video and Resources)

Kids With Food Allergies (KFA), a division of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America hosted a free educational webinar on June 17, 2014 featuring guest speakers Matthew Greenhawt, MD, MMSc, and Laurel Francoeur, JD. The presentation below covers legal restrictions, disability issues, TSA regulations, peanut dust and inhalation studies, and how to prevent allergic reactions on airplanes.

We received hundreds of questions during the meeting, and our speakers have agreed to respond in follow-up blog posts. Be sure to follow our blog so you can receive more information about flying with food allergies.

An attendee gave this review as the most valuable part of the webinar: 

“The tips for flying reaffirmed for me that I am doing everything possible to keep my 5-year-old safe. All of the information on inhalation and peanut shell dust was wonderful and will make us feel much safer when faced with that environment.”


  • TSA Cares 1-855-787-2227
    A hotline to answer questions about what you can bring on an airplane.
  • Handwashing/Cleaning Study (PDF)
    This is the referenced study regarding hand sanitizers, soap, and cleaning products and their efficiency at removing peanut allergen.

flying-with-food-allergiesMore information will be coming soon! Laurel Francoeur, JD, and Dr. Matthew Greenhawt will be writing blog posts to respond to the many questions asked during the webinar.


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On July 1, 2014 at 1pm Eastern, Dr. Dave Stukus and Dr. Mike Pistiner, co-chairs of KFA's medical advisory team, will host Back to School with Food Allergies and AsthmaRegister today!



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