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Fairfield, NJ Cops Now Carrying Epi-Pens to Save Those Suffering Allergic Reactions

Fairfield cops are first in county to carry Epi-Pens


The pens, which contain epinephrine, will allow police officers to immediately treat the affects of individuals suffering from severe allergic reactions. Fairfield is among only six police departments in New Jersey to carry the Epi-Pens.


“When seconds count, having Epi-Pens immediately available to our officers will invariably save lives” said the chief.

We applaud Fairfield's support of spreading food allergy awareness and training more first responders on how how to recognize severe allergic reactions and treat them appropriately. Hopefully, their new EpiPens will not be stored in the police cars!  (EpiPens should be kept in environments between 59 and 86 °F!)

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