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One of our members recently posted this message:


“My 9-year-old son said, ‘I hope I don't die before my birthday!’ during his last anaphylactic reaction.

We are VERY careful with Daniel's milk allergy. It just happened to be a crazy morning and my teenage daughter made a mistake and he ended up with milk in his cereal. As soon as I saw Daniel, I knew. His lips were huge and he kept telling me his throat was sore which I knew meant it was closing.

My husband tried to comfort my teenage daughter. Meanwhile, I was giving Daniel his EpiPen and getting ready for the medics to arrive.”


I know, like me, you understand how difficult it was for this family to be able to think clearly. It is because of donors like you that we are able to teach families to prevent emergencies and what to do should one occur. This education would not be possible without your generous help.

Any gift you give will save lives during our end-of-year fundraising drive. We thank you on behalf of all the families we serve.

Kind Regards,

Lynda Mitchell


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