A Review of State School Policies for Protecting Kids with Allergies and Asthma

Kids With Food Allergies (KFA) hosted a free educational webinar on September 10, 2013 featuring guest speakers Charlotte Collins, JD, VP of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA), and Michael Pistiner, MD, MMSc, co-founder of AllergyHome.org and Chair of KFA's Medical Advisory Team. The topic of the meeting was to explain and review AAFA's annual State Honor Roll report, which ranks and grades states by their ability to protect students with asthma, food allergies and environmental allergies.

An attendee told us that this webinar was an "Excellent program.  Concise and to the point - good information for professionals and parents."

The following is the video recording of the webinar and a list of resources to accompany the presentation. 



  • www.statehonorroll.org 
    How does your state rank? How is your state succeeding in protecting students with asthma and allergies? Where does your state need to improve?AAFA_StateHonorRoll_13_small
  • www.aafa.org/epinephrine
    Does your state allow schools to stock epinephrine for allergy emergencies? How can you get involved to help pass legislation if your state is considering a new "stock epinephrine" law?
  • community.kidswithfoodallergies.org/blog/available-epinephrine-auto-injectors-new-generic
    Information about the four available epinephrine auto-injectors in the U.S. Includes a chart comparison and discount information.
  • www.epipen4schools.com
    Mylan Specialty L.P., offers qualified schools up to four free EpiPenĀ® auto-injectors.
  • kiaranasn.org
    More than 100 Epinephrine Resource School Nurses (ERSNs) around the country are available for epinephrine administration training for schools.
  • allergyhome.org/schools
    Online training modules for school staff, videos to help teach students and parents about food allergies, and more.
  • www.aafa.org
    Join AAFA's Advocacy Action Network! The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America and our advocates promote public policies that improve the quality of life for people with asthma and allergic diseases. Join our Action Network to receive timely updates on important issues and to contact your legislators.
  • community.kidswithfoodallergies.org/pages/webinars
    KFA has covered a wide range of information related to managing food allergies at school. Our video archive contains past webinars with expert guest speakers. Each video is one hour long. Topics range from where epinephrine should be stored to school lunch and nutrition concerns.



Food Allergies and Asthma: What Parents Need to Know
October 17, 2013 at 1:00 pm Eastern
Guest speaker: Dr. David Stukus



Asthma is the most common chronic childhood illness and is much more prevalent in allergic children, including those with food allergies. The presenting signs and symptoms, triggers, and treatment of asthma will all be reviewed. The specific association of asthma in regards to food allergy reactions and management will be highlighted as well.

Reserve your spot by submitting a registration for this event.  We recommend registering even if you cannot attend so that you can receive and email with the video and resources after the event.



The generous support of our donors allows us to reach families who need our help. A webinar attendee recently told us: "I really enjoyed this seminar and will forward the link when it is available for others to view.Thank you for doing this as you make a HUGE difference for so many lives!" 

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