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USA TODAY: Even known food allergens dangerous for kids


A recent study led by National Jewish Health in Denver looked at 3 to 15 month-old children with milk, egg or peanut allergy and found:

  • About 70% had at least one reaction and greater than half had more than one.  
  • 87% of accidental ingestions of peanut, milk or egg were due to unintentional ingestion, label-reading errors and cross-contamination.
  • Food provided by non-parent caregivers accounted for 50% of the accidental reactions; the other 50% of the accidental reactions were from food given by parents.
  • 13% of reactions were from food given to the child intentionally.
  • Less than 1/3 of severe allergic reactions were treated with epinephrine.

TAKE HOME POINT: TEACH ALL PEOPLE CARING FOR OUR KIDS AND DO IT WELL! This story also includes a video from National Jewish on how to use an EpiPen:


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