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Some of our community members have alerted us that Erewhon Organic Cereals are being discontinued. This may come as sad news. We've looked for an alternative as a replacement. Hopefully it will work for you!

Erewhon Organic is discontinuing their cereals and granolas. These products were organic and free of gluten, dairy, soy and peanuts. 

These flavors will not longer be available:

  • Cinnamon Crispy Brown Rice
  • Corn Flakes
  • Crispy Brown Rice
  • Harvest Medley
  • Honey Rice Twice
  • Cranberry Chia Granola
  • Simply Vanilla Granola

#NewFoodFind: Edison Grainery Organic Brown Rice Crispies Cereal

Edison Grainery offers allergy-friendly Organic Brown Rice Crispies cereal. According to Edison Grainery, the cereal is:

  • Verified gluten free
  • Processed in a facility free of the top 8 allergens
  • Sesame is present in the facility but is not on shared equipment with any Edison cereals
  • Workers who process products that use sesame do not work on the cereal lines

We are always on the lookout for #NewFoodFinds to share. Search our Allergy-Friendly Foods database to see what's new that might work for your family.


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Response from One Degree Organics


Hi Amy,

Thanks for reaching out with allergen concerns. All of our cereals are peanut free and egg free and are made in a peanut and egg free facility.

Tree nuts are present in our cereal facility, however they are not present in our cereals and the only exposure our cereals have to equipment that processes tree nuts or seeds are the packaging lines. All of the product contact surfaces of these lines are dismantled and washed and dried before being reassembled, and are inspected and tested for allergen residue before the line is released for further production.

Wheat, oats, barley and rye are not present in our gluten free cereals but are present in other products manufactured on the same lines. Oats are presents in our cereals containing gluten, however, sanitation, including allergen cleaning and protein testing is completed to ensure no cross contamination of wheat, barley and rye occurs for both gluten free and gluten cereals.

Food safety is important to us so please don't hesitate to contact us further.

Best regards,


Hi @AmyHue, thanks for your comment and sharing what you found out!

Just a quick note that Kids With Food Allergies ( is a division of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America ( AAFA was founded in 1953 - the first patient advocacy organization in the world dedicated to serving people with allergies and asthma. 

FARE is a different/separate non-profit organization. 

I'm sharing this to clarify for our members/readers/supporters. KFA relies on individual donations to fund our food allergy programs - including this support community,  new foods database and our allergy-friendly recipes database. We also advocate for food allergy policies and fund research that helps guide future treatments.  We greatly appreciate gifts of any size to help support our mission to save lives and reduce the burden of allergic diseases.

We hope you find our programs and services helpful!

For anyone who would like to support us but can't afford a donation,  we appreciate reviews posted on Great Nonprofits: 

Thank you so much!

Melanie Carver

We were very sad to lose our safe morning cereal, casserole topping, chicken breading, etc. when Erewhon discontinued its crispy brown rice cereal.  So, I was happy to find this post and looked into Edison Grainery.  My note to them and their response is below.  I asked for a free sample because I saw they had offered others free samples on Facebook (year old posts so I guess they don't do that any longer).  Took me a minute to process her "harsh blue" comment--guess she didn't care much for the blue background in my email that copied over from Facebook.  I don't really see myself ordering $75 in rice cereal I've never tried.   Anyone have other cereal suggestions for our allergen set, or at least free of w/b/r, egg, PN and TN?

My note:

I came across your products on FARE's website when one of our staples, Erewhon GF Crispy Brown Rice Cereal, was discontinued. Wondering if we could get a sample of your brown rice cereal, and if besides the top 8 it is also free from cross contamination with legumes, mustard, garlic and spinach. Thanks very much.

PS, I sent the same message on Facebook messenger on the 21st but have not received a response, so this may be a duplicate.

Their response:

We’re pleased that the folks at FARE have responded well to Edison Grainery. 


Please find more about our operation on our parent site:


Here you’ll find all the information such as allergen statements – from our supplier as well as our own policies and procedures. Lot specific certificate of analysis allow you to make an informed purchase.


Our sanitation practices are available for review and hopefully address your concerns regarding cross contamination.  We do sell a lot of legumes so we may not be a fit.


We have chosen not to participate in the standard distribution model. It simply is not favorable for a small family operation that was established as an internet outlet. Therefore, our products are not available in the trendy Whole Foods and the like. Thanks to merchants interested in providing their customers unique products, we have the privilege of being on some retail shelves. It’s a grassroots effort. Attached is a merchant request to bring to your local market and see if they’d be interested in offering Edison Grainery.


Although Erewhon has discontinued their production of many GF products, their stores are now carrying at least 30 of our skus.  Cereals among them.


At this time I’m unable to provide samples – it simply cost too much.  I can offer you free shipping on a $75 purchase and a 10% coupon code on your first order: WELCOME


Wow the blue is harsh – and Facebook is not a friendly environment and a time vampire so I’m glad you reach out to us here.


Wishing you well,

Amy Barnes



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