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Anaphylaxis: Severe Allergic Reactions (Handout)

This free two-page handout is filled with essential information about anaphylaxis, a severe allergic reaction that can be life-threatening.

  • Symptoms of Anaphylaxis
  • Being Prepared for Anaphylaxis
  • Common Causes of Anaphylaxis
  • Knowing How to Treat Anaphylaxis
  • After Anaphylaxis: What You Need to Do
  • Take Steps to Avoid Anaphylaxis





This handout is available with a Creative Commons License. It is free to download, copy and share with other parents, patients, at health fairs, in physician offices or other places where this information will be helpful. Physicians are welcome to upload into their electronic health record system.


It has been written in an "easy-to-read" format to help with better understanding anaphylaxis, how to avoid it, and how to be prepared to treat it.


Print copies are available for physicians offices, health fairs and other group uses.



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