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School is back in session! Kids With Food Allergies (KFA) has a lot of resources for parents and schools so you can keep children with food allergies safe. Many of the resources below come with printable PDFs you can use for reference or share. And you can find more articles, tips and tricks on our KFA school resources page.

10 School Planning Tips When Your Child Has Food Allergies

Careful planning and partnering with school staff can help the school year get off to a great start. Use our school planning tips to make sure you, your child and your child’s teacher are prepared to for a smooth, safe year.

Epinephrine Injectors: Everything You Need to Know

You have several options for epinephrine injectors. Check out the list of current injectors, available sizes, discount programs and training videos.

Teal Classroom™ Kit

A Teal Classroom™ is a safe and inclusive classroom for kids with food allergies and special dietary needs. Our kit is a resource to help teachers educate the whole class on food allergies to raise awareness.

Potential Food Allergens in Preschool, School, Camp Crafts and Activities

Did you know hidden food allergens can be lurking in common arts and crafts supplies? Share this list of alternatives with your child’s teacher to prevent allergic reactions during craft time.

Non-Food Rewards for Children With Food Allergies

Non-food rewards are a great way to show a child appreciation while avoiding allergic reactions. Share our list with your child’s teacher to give them ideas for food-free rewards kids will love.

Get the support you need to manage your child's food allergies. Join our community to follow our blog for the latest food allergy education, news and research. Our community also gives you the chance to connect with others who manage food allergies in an encouraging and supportive environment.


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