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(Canada) Milk, Mustard, Soy and Sulphites Allergy Alert: Kathy's Catering Products

Allergy Alert - Undeclared Milk, Mustard, Soy and Sulphites in certain Kathy's Catering brand products

Recall / advisory date:
June 12, 2013
Reason for recall / advisory:
Allergen - Milk, Allergen - Mustard, Allergen - Soy, Allergen - Sulphites
Hazard classification:
Class 3
Company / Firm:
Kathy's Catering Service
Extent of the distribution:
Reference number:

Affected products

Brand NameCommon NameSizeCodes(s) on ProductUPCReason for Recall
Kathy's CateringBroccoli Salad454gBBD June 9, 2013
BBD June 13, 2013
NoneAllergen - Milk, Allergen - Mustard
Kathy's CateringPotato Salad454gBBD June 9, 2013
BBD June 11, 2013
BBD June 13, 2013
NoneAllergen - Sulphites
Kathy's CateringTuna Macaroni Salad454gBBD June 12, 2013NoneAllergen - Mustard
Kathy's CateringCold Bean Salad454gBBD June 16, 2013NoneAllergen - Sulphites
Kathy's CateringGarden Fresh Bowtie Salad454gBBD June 19, 2013NoneAllergen - Mustard, Allergen - Sulphites
Kathy's CateringTomato and Spinach Quiche475gNoneNoneAllergen - Soy
Kathy's CateringBacon and Tomato Quiche475gNoneNoneAllergen - Soy
Kathy's CateringBacon and Mushroom Quiche475gNoneNoneAllergen - Soy
Kathy's CateringBroccoli Quiche475gNoneNoneAllergen - Soy
Kathy's CateringAsparagus Quiche475gNoneNoneAllergen - Soy
Kathy's CateringHam and Spinach Quiche475gNoneNoneAllergen - Soy
Kathy's CateringBacon Quiche475gNoneNoneAllergen - Soy
Kathy's CateringHam Quiche475gNoneNoneAllergen - Soy
Kathy's CateringMacaroni and Cheese Casserole454gNoneNoneAllergen - Mustard, Allergen - Soy
Kathy's CateringPerogies with Bacon, Cheese, and Onion454gNoneNoneAllergen - Soy

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