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We are looking out for children with food allergies in schools!  We recently filed a formal comment on the federal government's proposal to improve wellness at school. Our bottom line:  Schools should develop policies that make schools safer and more inclusive for children with food allergy.


Under the proposal for Local School Wellness Policy Implementation under the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, schools must develop wellness policies to address foods in schools. These polices will require schools to address snack foods for sale (like vending machines or fundraisers). The policies must also address foods in school for classroom parties, celebrations and incentives. 

emalee-nicholas-first-day-of-school-multiple-food-allergies-eoe-by-mfoggPictured: Emalee and Nicholas, who have multiple food allergies and EoE.
Photo courtesy of  mfogg

Fortunately, CDC Voluntary Guidelines for Managing Food Allergies in Schools and Childcare Centers has sound recommendations for everyone who cares about wellness at school. The CDC guidelines emphasize the benefits of non-food incentives and celebrations. The CDC guidelines also offer advice on managing food allergens in the classroom.


We want the USDA to develop a final rule that urges schools to address the needs of children with food allergy to keep the environment safer for those children. We believe that schools need to develop wellness policies that reflect these CDC guidelines.

You can read the AAFA and KFA's formal comment on proposed rule here:!d...D=FNS-2014-0010-0489.





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