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Anaphylaxis Canada has responded to an ABC News report of a mother requesting oak trees be removed from school property due to tree nut allergy.


Food allergies in Canada: teach children to be careful, not fearful

Laurie Harada, executive director of Anaphylaxis Canada, reinforces the need for education and practical management of food allergies:
"There are simple, universal steps all parents of children with food allergies can take to teach their kids to stay safe. These include being properly diagnosed by an allergist, reading food labels, never eating food if its ingredients are unknown, and always carrying an epinephrine auto-injector and wearing a MedicAlert bracelet.


The acorn controversy caused a stir on social media.  Allergy Partners of Lynchburg wrote a blog to address the question of whether acorns pose a risk to those with tree nut allergy.


Kids With Food Allergies Foundation offer these resources to help you effectively manage food allergies:

15 Steps to Managing Life with Food Allergies
Practical Food Allergy Management: A Quick Guide (PDF)

How to Read a Label for Food Allergy

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