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Egg Allergy Alert: Granna's Tuna Mac with Italian Blend Vegetables and Spiced Apple Rings

Granna's LLC Voluntarily Recalls Packages of #705 Tuna Mac With Italian Blend Vegetables and Spiced Apple Rings Due to Undeclared Eggs


(580) 337-6360 

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - June 20, 2013 - Granna's LLC is voluntarily recalling packages of #705 Tuna Mac that may contain an undeclared egg allergen. People who have an allergy or severe sensitivity to egg run the risk of serious or life-threatening allergic reaction if they consume this product.

Product was distributed in Oklahoma through senior nutritional sites by home delivery.

The affected product, #705 Tuna Mac, was labeled without egg white ingredient in the ingredient statement.

Granna's #705 Tuna Mac with Italian blend vegetables and spiced apple rings is a frozen dinner packaged in a black, three compartment heat sealed tray, with label located on top. Best by dates are printed on each label. Only the misprinted packages of #705 Tuna Mac, with best by dates of 06/20/2013 to 06/20/2014, are included in the recall.No other Granna's products are affected.

This product is a food safety concern for people who are allergic to eggs.

Consumers would have received the mislabeled product between June 2012 and June 2013. Affected packages should be discarded or returned to the place of purchase for a refund.

There have been no illnesses as of June 20, 2013 reported in connection with this product.

Consumers with questions on the recall may contact Granna's LLC at 1-580-337-6360.

Phone will be answered between 8 AM and 3:30 PM Central Standard Time, Monday –Friday.

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