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New Jersey Firm Issues Allergy Alert On Undeclared Fish, Wheat and Egg In Garden Rotini Salad.

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - November 2, 2014 - Taylor Farms New Jersey, Inc. of Swedesboro, NJ is voluntarily recalling 1,510 units of WAWA Garden Rotini Salad due to the potential of undeclared fish, wheat and egg allergens contained in the salad. 

People who have sensitivity or allergies to fish, wheat and egg may be at risk of a serious adverse reaction, if they consume these products. To this date, there have been no reported adverse reactions to this product. 

The Garden Rotini Salad was sold to WAWA stores in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, and Maryland. The recalled product have the code date of โ€œsell byโ€ 11/04/2014 TFNJ 303 1 5:00am found on the top the container. The WAWA Garden Rotini Salads are packaged in an 8 oz. plastic container. The affected product was distributed to stores on 10/30/2014 and was discovered by an associate at store level. 

This voluntary recall does not apply to any other WAWA or Taylor Farms products distributed anywhere in the United States. 

Consumers who have purchased Wawa Garden Rotini Salad with โ€œsell byโ€ date 11/04/2014 are urged to discard the product and contact the Wawa Call Center at 1-800-444-9292 24 hours a day 7 days a week for a full refund. Consumers with questions may contact Taylor Farms New Jersey at 856-294-4181 Monday through Friday between 8am and 4pm EST.



Photo, top label Wawa Garden Rotini Salad





Photo, incorrect bottom label attached to recalled Wawa Garden Rotini Salad


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