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Update: The direct ship address below was updated as of Oct. 19, 2018.

Hurricane Michael left historical devastation on the Florida Panhandle. Many affected people are in dire need of help. Food and supplies are scarce. And they will continue to be for some time. Getting food is difficult for many residents, and even more so for families who manage food allergies and need access to safe foods.

You can help get safe food to the affected areas. Below, we have listed an Amazon Wish List for a local group that is currently accepting allergy-friendly food donations. We have also included an address where you can ship safe foods.

Thank you for any help you can give to the members of our food-allergy community in the Panhandle.

Allergy-Friendly Food Donations

Many residents affected by Michael will need access to allergy-friendly food for days and weeks to come. You can help by sending donations through Amazon or shipping them to a location in the Panhandle. We thank the No Nuts Moms Group of Palm Beach, Florida, for organizing this effort.

To ship allergy-friendly food donations from Amazon:

This Amazon Wish List has the items that are most needed. Select items you wish to donate and add them to your cart. When you checkout, choose the name of the food bank under β€œChoose a shipping address.” Your purchase will be shipped directly to where it is needed most.

Hurricane Michael-Food Allergy Families of NWFL Needs

To ship allergy-friendly food donations directly to the Panhandle:

You can ship allergy-friendly food directly to the following location. Non-perishable items, such as canned goods, non-nut butters and other food free of the top 8 allergens will be helpful.

Feeding the Gulf Coast - Food Allergy Safe Foods
C/o Suzanne Rowland

5709 Industrial Blvd.
Milton, FL 32583

We will update this blog as we learn more information.

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Thank you, KFA! 

As a person who was directly affected by Michael, I can tell you that areas south of us (southwest Georgia and the Panhandle of Florida) are still hit hard. Many in Georgia still don't have power and won't for some time, and as for Florida ... my heart goes out to all of those who were not as blessed as my family was!

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