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May 14-20, 2022, is Food Allergy Awareness Week. This time each year, the food allergy community comes together to raise awareness. This year, we’re working to debunk myths and misinformation about food allergies and asthma, including what causes them and how to treat them.

Food Allergy Awareness Week starts on Mother’s Day. Kids with Food Allergies (KFA) recognizes the diligence that goes into managing food allergies. Label reading, cooking safe foods, doctor’s appointments, and working with schools on care plans are just some of the many things you do. Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate all the moms and caregivers who do so much to help keep our children safe and included!

There are many misconceptions about food allergies. Through the week, we will share information to bust myths and spread awareness. Food allergies can have social, emotional, and financial impacts on families. Greater awareness drives better care, better laws, and more research to help improve the quality of life of families managing food allergies. We hope you’ll join us to share food allergy facts, as well as your personal experiences so we can improve knowledge and understanding of food allergies. Food allergy education saves lives.

Here are two ways you can support KFA and families who manage food allergies during Food Allergy Awareness Week:

  1. Donate to KFA – Your gift helps us save lives and reduce the burden of food allergies through support, advocacy, education, and research.

  2. Share our food allergy facts and education – Use the power of social media to spread food allergy facts. Share our awareness images throughout the month to help people gain a better understanding of food allergies.

    A few examples include:

You can also participate in these events:

May 14-20: Food Allergy Awareness Week (FAAW) and National Eosinophil Awareness Week.

May 15: Find safe foods and recipes. Visit KFA’s Safe Eats® Recipe Collection for tasty recipes that just happen to be free from most of the most common allergens. KFA’s Allergy Friendly Foods Collection has new food finds from candy to frozen food and everything in between.

May 16: Drop in on KFA’s social media today as we ask the experts about common food allergy misinformation.

May 17: Eosinophilic [EE-oh-sin-oh-FILL-ick] esophagitis [uh-sof-uh-JIE-tis] − “EoE” for short − is an allergic condition that causes swelling in your esophagus (swallowing tube). Learn more about EoE and share one of our images to raise awareness.

May 18: Tune in for an Instagram Live: The Allergy Chef X KFA at 8 p.m. ET. AAFA’s Kathy P. (@kidswithfoodallergies) and Kathlena, (@TheAllergyChef), will cook awesome food and answer your questions about cooking free of food allergens on a budget.


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